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Truck Brake Service

 Brake Workshop, камиони спирачки, резервни части за товарни автомобили, Солун, Северна Гърция, България



The PAPANTONIOU N company. L &. OE is designed to repair and install truck braking and suspension systems, vehicles, and marketing related parts. In seeking comprehensive, high standard services in the above activities have been added and machining operations after 2012.

The company is located since 2004 at privately owned facilities of 1000 sqm roofed in a place that has a 1000 sqm and parking ochimaton.To workshop is housed in a total surface area of 630 sqm with 5 long service ramps 23m. The 15-member staff of technicians and other specialists is equipped with a full range of special tools, diagnostic and programs to meet all the needs of a demanding professional.

Workshop occupies an area of 360 sqm and has another one ramp service.

The company has a fully equipped mobile workshop with 3 service vehicles and all necessary tools and spare parts to repair damage away.

Commitment of the company is providing products and services to the highest standards, respect and customer satisfaction and maintaining a relationship of trust. For the above reason the company's executives and staff consistently monitor developments in the industry.

Monitoring seminars as well as frequent visits to foreign exhibitions, maintain the technological background of the company at a high level.

Proof of the objectives set by the company is the implementation of a quality system by the year 2007 according to the standard ISO 9001: 2008, certified by one of the strictest entities (Lloyd's Register LRQA).

Effect of 30-year experience of the staff and the continuous efforts to acquire know-how and quality offer of services is the company's agreements with major manufacturers in the industry.

The PAPANTONIOU N. L. &. OE are:

Central service of companies:

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